Ceramic Coating is a clear nano ceramic formulation that provides an additional protective layer that protects your car against harmful UV rays, oxidation, environmental pollutants, acid rain, dirt, grime, chemicals and bird droppings. Ceramic Coating is super hydrophobic and scratch resistant providing a high gloss finish.


By molecularly bonding with the painted surface, Ceramic Coating creates a new hard, durable surface that becomes a protective barrier between the painted surface and harsh environmental contaminants. Offering the ultimate in adhesion, coating hardness, hydrophobicity, heat resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, durability and an exceptional gloss finish.


Automotive coatings represent a revolutionary breakthrough in paint protection. A unique permanent ceramic coating that imparts a color-enhancing shine while protecting exterior surfaces for the life of your car.


Vera’s Auto Detailing applies the coating to create a brilliant new clear coat over your paint. This new surface is ultra-hydrophobic, smoother and glossier than the original clear coat, and looks as if your car has been dipped in glass.


Here in Vera’s Auto Detailing we do the best service for your car, we have a totally specialized team for this type of work, our professional team will do very carefully the application of the coating so that your car will be shining and protected and will make you feel comfortable and satisfied with our service.

  • Protection
  • Resistant
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Durability