Vera’s Auto Detailing offers you the best exterior detailing service for your auto, we take into account the dirt that your auto receives on the outside, our professional team does not miss any detail doing a deep cleaning on the outside of your auto, Vera’s has the best auto cleaning products so the outside of your auto will look clean and shiny, Vera’s Auto Detailing will do the best cleaning so your auto can shine on the streets of California.


Excellent Service.


Exterior car detailing is not just a quick wash of a car’s exterior components. Vera’s Auto Detailing’s top car detailers will make the car shine, minimize surface scratches and do a Ceramic Coating application.


Our exterior detailing process is the best:


Washing and drying:

Vera’s Auto Detailing performs the detailing by hand. Our first step involves spraying the car with a specialized heavy duty spray, followed by a thorough hand wash of the car’s rims, door frames, glass and all exterior parts that need cleaning.


Vera’s Auto Detailing uses the best cleaning products to remove impurities, spray residue and other debris from your car’s exterior.


After a car has been used for a while, it is normal for it to lose its polish or shine. Vera’s Auto Detailing specializes in the service of car polishing, therefore, in this process the original polish is recovered.


Other exterior detailing services that Vera’s Auto Detiling performs is the ceramic coating, this service is the best to give shine and protection to your car.


If you want to show off a clean and shiny car do not hesitate to call Vera’s Auto Detailing, we will go to where you are within our service areas to leave your car clean, shiny and protected.

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