Linear ft.
Basic Mobile Wash

Our basic mobile wash package priced at $13 per linear foot. This package includes:

Full roof cleaning
Awnings cleaning
Window, rims, and tire dressing
Wax application

To learn more about pricing or to schedule your basic mobile washing today, call Vera’s Auto Detail.

Linear ft.
Basic Wash + Wax

At $25 per linear foot, this package includes everything in Package #1:

Hand Waxing Application
Polymer Wax Protection (Removes light scratches and oxidation)

For a basic wash with wax application for lasting luster, call Vera’s Auto Detail in Modesto, CA.

Linear ft.
Basic Wash + Oxidation Removal

Eliminate heavy oxidation. This package includes everything in Package #1:

Heavy Rubbing Compound application (removes fiberglass oxidation)
Polymer Polishing Sealer Protection with 2-year warranty

For heavy oxidation removal in Modesto, CA, and surrounding areas, give us a call today. 

Vera’s Auto Detailing offers you the best cleaning and protection packages for a car, boat, RV, truck or even a motorcycle, since it counts with a totally professional team for all type of cleaning that your car, boat, RV, truck or motorcycle needs.

Best Cleaning and Protection Packages

Vera’s Auto Detailing packages can be from a wash to a new protection for your car, since the specialized team of Vera’s Auto Detailing makes the best deep washes of all California, besides that, the team is totally prepared to make an excellent application of ceramic coating, don’t forget that our packages are the best to leave your car clean, shining and protected.

  • Our Basic Mobile Wash package contains good services, such as:

Full roof cleaning.
Awnings cleaning.
Window, rims, and tire dressing.
Among other cleaning services.

  • The following Basic Wash + Wax package is great for your car as it contains excellent services which are:

Hand Waxing Application.
Polymer Wax Protection.

These services are some of the best as they will leave your car shiny and protected.

  • Our next Basic Wash + Oxidation Removal package is excellent as it contains services that will remove heavy rust from your car, boat, RV, truck, or motorcycle, these professional services are:

Heavy Rubbing Compound application
Among other professional services.

  • And finally our New RV Protection package that contains everything from our Basic Mobile Wash package + services that will leave your car, boat, RV, truck or motorcycle for up to 7 years of protection with the best ceramic coating service in California.

So don’t hesitate to call Vera’s Auto Detailing now and ask for our best packages that will leave your car, boat, RV, truck or motorcycle clean, shiny and protected.