Vera’s offers you the best specialized cleaning services for Tesla detailing, Veras has a team totally specialized in Auto cleaning services, Vera’s also has the best cleaning products for Tesla that will leave your Auto Tesla clean and shiny. Vera’s moves to your location within our served areas to provide professional cleaning service for your Auto Tesla.


The best way to detail and protect your Tesla is with products and services from Vera’s Auto Detailing. From full paint protection film wrap to polishing and ceramic coating.


We specialize in detailing and ceramic coating Teslas. In fact we’ve detailed more than anyone else in the state of California!


Whether you’re looking to protect the paint job on your new Tesla or want to avoid imperfections from swirls or scratches, Vera’s Auto Detailing is an expert in ceramic coating service to keep your Tesla shiny and protected.


We strive for perfection and will never rush any ceramic coating application assuring the best performance and longevity possible!


Ceramic coating offers more shine and greater protection! At Vera’s Auto Detailing, we also offer a ceramic coating package that offers even more shine and protection than ever before.


Vera’s Auto Detailing offers you the best cleaning services for your Tesla, we do deep cleaning in the interior and exterior and we do the best ceramic coating service so that your Tesla is clean, shiny and protected.


Don’t hesitate any longer, call Vera’s Auto Detailing now, and we will go to wherever you are within our service areas so you can show off your Tesla clean and shiny.

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